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Two Hats

He is wearing a Western type shirt, navy and bleached denim. He is wearing pleated beige cotton pants and two-tone boat-type shoes, with tassles. He is standing. The rest of the people are sitting and eating pizza.

He has a large belly and his hair is white and gray and parted to one side. The people are sitting on black metal and plastic chairs that will be stacked when they leave. As well, the tables will collapse and they will be rolled to the corner near the chairs.

“Today I'm talking to you wearing two hats.” He emphasizes “two hats” by seemingly imitating balance scales with his hands.

The lights are out. The blinds have been pulled down. The blinds are semi-transparent. Behind the man, on the wall is a projection on a screen; the man is controlling the images on the screen with a wireless device. The poured concrete floor reflects slightly the image on the wall.

It is hard to say what the images on the screen are exactly. Machinery for sure but I don't know the man or the place and am not at all familiar.

Outside the room a woman at a desk is talking on the phone. The plastic piece in her hand is a different color than the piece on the desk, the part where you hit the numbers. She sounds irritated, “They don't usually use the room for lectures, they just don't. And no one asked me if I wanted pizza.”

Back in the other room the man is still talking. He seems to have taken on the air of a preacher. Now he is pointing towards the wall opposite him, in the semidarkness. Everyone has turned to look. Along the wall are cardboard bankers boxes stacked two high.