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On Decoration

Nothing isn’t decoration; everything is decoration.

A human can’t see free of association.
We have meaning without certitude.
Therefore, to see is to prefer an aspect.
Thus to design is to prefer an aspect.

An aspect is always in a context.
A context is narrative.
A thought can only be arrived at through and within sequence.
Design is a point in a sequence made intelligible.

Intelleligbility is errant.
It is borderless overlay on the all-else.
To a human it is preferable to nothing.
Overlay is culture.

Decoration is speculative overlay.
Decoration is an aspect added to a body.
Decoration modifies it does not generate.
Humans don’t generate they modify and mix.

Politics are decorative.
Sciences are decorative.
Theologies are decorative.
The metaphysics of presence are decorative.

Decoration is communication.
Pure function does not exist.
Only function in context.
Communication is decorative.