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Below furniture designed and produced by AQQ
pricing and availability on request.
Below paintings and sculptures designed and produced by AQQ
pricing and availability on request.
All items below are available for purchase (unless otherwise indicated);
pricing and information on request.
A Mission:

  1. AQQ is a design “firm” or “collective” or whatever based out of Los Angeles, California. We primarily make furniture. We sell our furniture and other related material.

  2. AQQ was started and is run by Matthew Sullivan; this is as relevant as it is incidental.

  3. AQQ is an acronym for the Latin phrase, “al que quiere,” roughly translated, “for he who wants it.” The phrase was lifted from a book of the same name by William Carlos Williams.

  4. AQQ believes improvement/design, generally speaking (like a better chair, a better bowl, a better digital interface) is a very relative undertaking. Design is often functionally minded whilst being ignorant of its associative, cultural cargo; this struggle is AQQ.

  5. AQQ believes that it is nice when content and comfort meet.

  6. AQQ knows that there are endless things to enjoy and partake in.

  7. AQQ believes that most confidence is meretricious and ostentatious. Also, sanctimony is disgusting.

  8. AQQ holds that life is deeply horrible but one can still be profoundly optimistic. Possibilities are endless but not for the reasons that most idiots think. To strive for an ultimate belief in an empiric view of the world, that our senses and sequences give us, is wise when we are children, but ludicrous when we are aged. We should constantly strain our necks, and hearing, to eavesdrop on that which is unstable and strike when the mystical synapse, to that which is non-human, opens. Sometimes the expression of this can be a chair.

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