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In Addition, Never Sums

It is
largely a cumulative
affair, neither
cyclical nor
lesson-embedded; and
for sure, die a truncated
We speak
in surrogations, but Common
men, almost all
men, would have
you think otherwise, with
vehemism. To attempt
no belief
in standards and
deviations, not
to see the human in
the non-human but the
non-human in the
human, is the cause; perhaps
a move toward the
non-human, voluntarily. Whatever
culture we
develop, we will,
of course, be changed
to stones
Though we do
not know what that
It seems,
this attempt portends a
new space and direction.
To be
a conscious paver
on the way
towards the dissolution of
the accumulation,
before truncation and
is it.